Labor Relations: US Unions

These sources all contain material related to labor relations. In specific they relate to material related to unions existing in the United States

Henry Ford, My Life and Work (1898)

In 1923, Henry Ford’s autobiography My Life and Work appeared in German translation.

Clinton S. Golden, “Presentation to the ECA” (1949)

Collaborative Collective Bargaining was a concept strongly pushed by Clinton S. Golden and Harold Ruttenberg in their book, Dynamics of Industrial Democracy…

Studebaker, “They See America” (1953)

One of the core components of the Marshall Plan’s Productivity Program was hands on experience for European workers and managers…

Meyer Bernstein, “Memorandum re Eldridge Haynes Letters” (1951)

US labor unions supported the Marshall Plan’s effort to convince Europeans, and in particular European labor unions of the benefits of US productivity to lure European workers away from Communist promises; to this end, US union officers served in the Marshall Plan’s labor division…

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