European Production Agency, Requests for Data on Automation (1955)

As the 1950s progressed, the desire for more information relating to automation increased exponentially. Companies realized that it could be the next big thing and could help to increase productivity and wanted to find out how to do it for themselves. This desire was especially strong in Europe as there were fewer examples of automation in their existing factories to study and document. As such there were many European companies that wanted to get information about automation from US companies and labor organizations. This desire can best be seen in the many telegrams sent from the European Production Agency to the United States requesting access to studies performed on automation in industries in America. However, these requests were, in many cases, ignored or denied. US administrators often delayed answering questions and claimed that a response would require considerable research effort for which the EPA would have to pay. Included eblow is a collection of telegrams sent between the EPA and the United States.

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