Heinrich Krumm, American Journey! (1951)

A major part of the Marshall Plan was Project Impact, which was designed to bring European industrialists to the United States and culminated in the First International Conference of Manufacturers. Study groups were created with a focus on the social and economic values of productivity, including human relations and teamwork. Many of these study groups arrived with preconceptions of what they would find in the United States, some of which were rather negative views caused by misunderstanding or Communist propaganda. Heinrich Krumm was a leather manufacturer from Offenbach, Germany, who came to America believing that Americans oversimplified the complicated structure of the European economy, and did not account for factors such as wartime destruction, the loss of middle age men, or the refugee crisis in Germany. Krumm later wrote a testimonial of his visit to America after the study group ended. This scan includes Krumms full report of the insight he gained during his time in America.

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