Bureau of Labor Statistics, Men’s Work Pants (1951)

Between 1951 and 1954, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics created a series of 48 reports that would show, in detail, the productivity of American industries, and give detailed technical information on how these companies achieved their productivity. These reports were then taken over to Europe to be used as teaching tools for the European companies looking to increase their productivity as part of the Marshall Plan. These productivity assessments differed in many ways from previous reports prepare by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in that they focused more on the technical aspects of productivity. This can be seen as a drawback of the reports as they mostly ignored the other aspects of business that could affect productivity like marketing but it did what it was supposed to do when thinking of how these reports would have been viewed in Europe. This report is one of the 48 that were distributed and shows how the Men’s pants industry was run and how the productivity of this industry was viewed.

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