Walter P. Reuther Library, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

The Reuther Library is the largest labor archive in North America and home to the collections of numerous union and labor-related organizations. The records pertain extensive information on automation and technological innovation, and surprisingly little information on the Marshall Plan’s Productivity Program and labor advisors.

Accession 261 Walter Reuther Collection (records regarding automation, including congressional hearings, radio and speeches on automation, correspondence with British and German trade unionists on automation, and the CIO Automation Committee 1954-1964)

Accession 625 Ted F. Silvey Collection (a printer and union organizer, Silvey became a union educator after World War II and also served as a labor officer for the Marshall Plan; his work focused on questions of automation, computing, and industrial technology, and the collection contains extensive records on automation, including articles and newspaper clippings, bibliographies, and speeches)

Accession 1168 Norbert Wiener Collection (correspondence with Reuther re: automation)

Accession 1425 UAW Foundry and Forge Departments Collection (records on automation)


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