IBM Corporate Archives in Somers, NY

The archives documents IBM’s corporate history, highlighting the company’s evolution and accomplishments. The archives include business records such as minutes of the board of trustees, personal records of key executives, technical records, and corporate magazines for employees and customers. Access to the archives can be granted by the IBM archivist upon request; I was given permission to research business and technical records relating to IBM’s international operations in Germany after the second World War. All quotations from archival materials need to be approved by the archivist. The following records were consulted:

RG 3: Research

Technical History Project Book References (Box 282)

RG 6: International

WTC Office of the Secretary. Board of Directors Meeting Files (Box 4-5)

International. WTC Legal Records. Regional Files (Box 108, 109)

WTC Legal Records. Subject Files (Box 134)

International. WTC Legal Records. Country Files (Box 93-98 and 101-103 on UK; the country files for German are located at New York University)

World Trade Corporation. Annual Reports 1953-1957; 1958-1959; 1961-1969

RG 11: Employees

Thomas J. Watson Jr. Papers Administrative Records. World Trade Corporation. 1963 to 1965, General Correspondence (Box 264, 265)

Thomas J. Watson Sr. Papers. IBM Foreign Correspondence. World Trade Corporation (Box 852-859)

Employees. Louis H. LaMotte Papers. Product Files (Box 40, World Wide Accounting Machine)

RG 2 & RG 16: Products (Box 19, 20, 39-42; records relating to IBM 650 and IBM 1401)

Corporate Documentation for Office of Sec’y c 1911 – c 1959 (Box A-368-2)


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