Hagley Museum and Library in Wilmington, DE

Archival collections at Hagley’s library include individuals’ papers and companies’ records to further the study of business and technology in America. I have consulted records at the Hagley for two purposes: (1) for records pertaining to Remington Rand and its Univac computer, one of the first electronic computers to be transported across the Atlantic to be installed in a European computing center. These records include an employee magazine, Univac News, company histories, pamphlets, and annual reports. They provided background information for Productivity Machines, and have been used more directly elsewhere. And (2), I consulted records pertaining to the position of the US business community on free enterprise, labor relations, technological innovation and automation, and the Marshall Plan. These included:

Accession 1411, National Association of Manufacturers

Series I: Records 1917-1971 (records pertaining to the International Conferences of Manufacturers and the Marshall Plan’s “Project Impact”; records by the International Affairs Division on the Marshall Plan, foreign competition, and foreign exchange teams visiting the United States)

Series VII: Industrial Relations Department Records (on automation, collective bargaining, and labor relations)

Imprints Collection for publications by NAM and the US Chamber of Commerce (including the report by Eldridge Haynes and Gordon Michler on their mission regarding German co-determination and NAM position papers on collective bargaining)

Link: https://www.hagley.org/research

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