Charles Babbage Institute, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

The Charles Babbage Institute is one of the premier archives and research centers dedicated to preserving the history of information technology. CBI records include European computer market studies as well as records on the application of electronic computers in different industries, particularly the insurance and banking industries. Research at CBI provided background on the international history of computing and automation for Productivity Machines.

CBI 30 Auerbach Associates, Market and Product Reports, 1958-1981 (includes studies of European data processing markets)

CBI 32 United States National Bureau of Standards Collection of Computer Literature (contains publications on international computer markets as well as on computer applications in different industries, such as the insurance industries)

CBI 50 Edmund C. Berkeley Papers (electronic computer use in the insurance industry)

CBI 55 Market and Products Reports (loose leaf catalogue by Hunt Brown on Office Automation)

CBI 170 Robert V. Head Papers (electronic computers in banking industry, including ERMA records)

CBI 175 H. r. Oldfield Collection of General Electric Corporation Records (electronic computers in banking, including ERMA)

CBI 178 The Diebold Group, Inc., Client Reports, 1957-1990 (includes studies for information technology companies and market studies, for example, a study of the European Computer Market for Remington Rand from 1960)


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